How to generate a Walk List

In the following section we'll demonstrate how to choose an individual precinct, generate the search and create the walking list.

Go to Reports->File Search. Under the Main 2 Tab, choose the county code or name (in the example below 110 - Warren). Then choose the municipality, ward and precinct (TRUESDALE in the example below). You can choose up to three county/precinct combinations.


Click on the Output tab, and then click Walking List for your output type.


If you wish to include Vote History, check that box and then fill in the maximum number of elections to show. The maximum is 24.

Click Begin Search. The system will complete the search and generate a display of your walk list selection, in street order. (If you do not choose vote history, the even and odd sections of each street will appear in two space-saving columns on the screen.)


At this point you can regenerate your search using different parameters, or simply Print.