Installing the Filpac software and setting up the shortcut on your desktop

The program is activated through FRW.EXE in the FR\PROG folder. If you wish to install a shortcut, click the right mouse button on any open spot on your desktop. A small menu will appear. Click New->Shortcut. For the Command Line, type c:\fr\prog\frw.exe . Then click Next. The shortcut name is Filpac. Click Next and then Finish. Click the right mouse button on the newly-created shortcut. A small menu will appear. Click Properties. Make sure that your "working" or "start in" folder is C:\FR.

To Uninstall: The Filpac program makes no registry entries in your system and therefore has no uninstall program. To uninstall, you need only to remove the FR folder and the Filpac shortcut. (right-click on each and Delete).If you need help, call us at 1-800-383-8400.

Getting into the Filpac program from the command prompt

Once the program is installed, you can enter the Filpac system from your computer's Command prompt by typing the following:

This will change to the hard disk directory containing the Filpac system. On most systems you will see the command prompt reflect the new directory.

This will start the Filpac program.