Data File Maintenance

How the program is organized.

Go to Data File Maintenance and you'll see there's a place to enter Individuals, Organizationss and Vendors. These are your three main files. Individuals is where you enter people, regardless of their relationship to your campaign. The Organization file is where you enter companies and PACs. It is like the Individual file, except that it has a place for long organization names and multiple contacts, but lacks items that are unique to people, such as birthdates, precincts and political affiliations. The Vendor File is where you enter organizations that have a commercial relationship with your campaign: printers, supply houses, tax agencies, media outlets and the like. Under each Individual, Organization and Vendor record, you can attach unlimited supporting information, organized into the following:

Receipts (monetary receipts, political contributions)
Disbursements ( expenditures to)
Workers (for everyone who's helping your campaign: volunteers, yard sign locations, office help, etc.)
Contacts (keep track of when this person was contacted; in person, by phone, via email or as the recipient of a letter.
Lists (If you're entering the name from a list, or adding the record to a list.)

No person, PAC or Vendor should be entered without at least one entry from the above sections. Otherwise you won't know how the record got into your system.

There's also a place where you can make free-form Notepad entries. (But remember: since these entries are free-form, there's no way to search and recall these entries. So instead of making several identical notepad entries, you should establish and apply a code.)

Master File

Support Codes