Look up a name

Go to Data File Maintenance->Individuals

1. Enter the name

The cursor is blinking in the Last name field. Enter the last name. If it is in the file, the first alphabetical instance of the name will show up. Hit the <tab> key to enter the first name. The program will beep if a match is not found.

2. If necessary, Search

Hit the <F3> key to see a scroll box of names. Use the up and down arrows to move through the list. (You can also use the PgUp and PgDn Keys

3. Select the name

Double-click on the highlighted name in the scroll, or hit Enter, to choose it. Hit Enter again, or choose Action.

4. Choose your action.

From this screen you can click the Edit button to view the data stored under the person's name. To look up the person's voting history, click on the Political Tab. If you've changed the information, click Save. Otherwise click Cancel to abandon any changes.


Alternate Search

If all you have is a phone number or email address, you can use this option to find the individual.

Address Lookup

Enter the individual address elements. If the address is 1234 E Main St, enter as follows:

House Number:1234
Street Type:ST

Click Search. If nothing is found, narrow your search. Enter only the street -- MAIN, and click Search again to see what comes up. Some voter files come with the Street and Street Type in the same field, i.e. "Main St" so try entering both in the Street field. If you're still getting unexpected results, you might need to rebuild the street file. Go to Tools->File Maintenance->Street File Fix.