A Word about Macs

Here are some common solutions to the unusual problems ecountered when using Mac OS X.

Install the most current version of Remote Desktop for Macs.

Here's the link.

Leave the Domain field blank.

Another issue our users have encountered is with the Domain field. If you are having troubles logging into Filpac over Remote Desktop Connection, leave the Domain field blank. This has solved login woes for several individuals.

Connection Errors

If you're getting an error that mentions security or licensing, it's most likely because a Microsoft-mandated "licensing mode" change on the server has rendered our server (and thousands of others) inaccessible from some Macs. In the past we've joked about this, saying it's Microsoft's way of punishing you for buying a Mac. But it's no longer a laughing matter, particularly since Microsoft seems to ignore the problem; no correction software has been offered. The solution is to UNINSTALL the Remote Desktop for Mac, and INSTALL from the following website: http://cord.sourceforge.net/

This is a work-around but we're helpless until Microsoft issues an update to fix the problem.