How Filpac is supported

Your organization is entitled to unlimited toll-free telephone support for the first 30 days after purchase. After that, warranty support and a subscription to program updates can be purchased for an annual fee. All support warranties and subscriptions expire at the end of the year, so if you're re-upping in the middle of the year, the amount will be one-twelfth the annual rate for each month remaining in the year.


If you've purchased a warranty and you experience a malfunction in the software, you should try to document the error by going to Help : Report Error Message. From there you can cut-and-pastethe message and send it to the email address below. If we cannot provide an immediate work-around to the problem, we will fix it by the same time on the next business day after we receive your message.

Support line

Local: (812) 222-2065

Toll-free: (800) 383-8400

If you have a question about the software, feel free to call. We never charge for calls lasting less than five minutes. After that, telephone support is billed at a standard hourly rate. We do not offer a "support contract" beyond our warranty and software subscription. Extended telephone support is free only when A) it occurs during the first 30 days after purchase, or B) it is mandated by our warranty, i.e. we're helping you resolve a software malfunction.

Our "five minutes free" policy covers 95 percent of software support issues, so you should never be afraid to call!

The support line is open 8 am to 6 pm EST weekdays. Phone messages are monitored weeknights and weekends. After-hours emergency calls (i.e. there's an imposing deadline that can't wait) are monitored and appropriately returned.

Before you call

If you're not using the web version, i.e. the software is installed locally on your own computer, please make sure you're using the most current version of the software. Go to File : Update Filpac to make sure you're using the current version, which usually is the first thing we check during a support call.

If you call and get voice mail, please leave a detailed description of the problem or question, along with a call-back number. What part of the program were you running when the problem occurred? If you're getting an error message, what is the precise wording? If we have a clear idea of your problem, we can most likely call back with the proper solution. Please do not call and leave an open-ended comment like "I'm getting an error. Call me back". All it tells us is that you're having a problem that might or might not be related to the Filpac system. That forces us to call back with a question rather than with a solution.

While we don't wish to discourage you from calling, sometimes e-mail works better. (In fact, we'll often respond to a voice message with an email.) That enables us to better respond with a clear solution to the problem, sometimes in the form of a referral to the appropriate page in this manual. (This frees you from having to take notes or play telephone-tag!)