Support Codes

OK. Now that you know about Receipts, Disbursements, Workers, Contacts and Lists, you'll need to know that you can't enter data in this section without a corresponding CODE. The codes are established in Support Codes section of Data File Maintenance. Here are some examples

Note: codes cannot be entered "on the fly". You must enter them here first before attaching them to people or organizations.

Contribution codes

Identify the source of the donation, such as a fund-raiser or personal contact. Examples: GOLF (Golf Outing), CAND (Candidate Solicitation), GEN (General/Uncoded).

Expenditure codes

(Also called Disbursement codes.) Same as contribution codes, except for disbursements. Examples: OSUPP (Office Supplies), GAS (Gas), POST (Postage).

Worker Codes

The things people do to help Examples: YS (Yard Sign), OFC (Office Help), PHONE (Phone-Calling), PCARD (Endorsement Post Card). If you have a voluteer card, you should have a code for each activity listed on the card.

Contact Codes

To describe the nature of each contact with a person or organization. Examples: VFW24 (Letter to VFW Post 24 members). MET (Met. You can combine this with a date and a log entry to fully describe the nature of the meeting). EVOTE (Emailed get-out-the-vote letter)

List Codes

To attach the person to a list, or to identify the list from which the person was entered. Examples: VFW24 (VFW Post 24 membership.) CC (Chamber of Commerce). LGOP (Lake County GOP). EMAIL (General Email List).

Letter Codes

The letter code designates a particular letter to be sent. Letter codes are attached to receipts.

You'll notice there are several other types of codes in this section. Many are already entered by default. For example, the commonly-used occupation codes, such as MD (Physician) and RET (Retired) should already be there, as should the county and political party codes.

To summarize:

First enter the CODE, i.e. the receipt, list, worker or contact code, if it's not already in your system. Then look up or add the person, PAC or vendor. Then attach the person, PAC or vendor to a code.