FEC Print Program

This program prints or displays the Filpac-generated FEC file. Simply go into the program, and then to File->Open and select your Filpac-generated FEC file. You can use this program to print the entire report or just a range of pages.

The file is always found in the DCLP subfolder of the main program folder, which is usually FR. The file name is related to the year and report type.  For example, "FQ22022.FEC" is the 2022 second-quarter report.

FEC Print Window
FEC Print window.

If it doesn't print

The FEC print utility is provided by the FEC and merely called by the Filpac application.  Which means, depeding on the system, it might not render when the FEC Print button is pressed from the main FEC program window.  In that case the behavior will be the same when Run is pressed in the FEC Print window.  There are two work-arounds:

1. Go to the command prompt

This is the easiest and fastest. Press the button labled FECPrint Command Prompt.  This will open up a command.  Now type the command, which is "fecprint" followed by the using the appropriate file name and path:

fecprint \fr\dclp\fq22022.fec

Too much to remember?  The program remembers it for you.  When the command window opens, the command might appear on its own.  If not, right-click and then Paste. Or hit Ctrl-V. Then Enter.

FEC Print command prompt
Command window.

2. Go to the FEC website

Open the FEC's EFO Services page and upload the .FEC file.  The file can be found by going to Tools -> Windows Explorer -> Disclosure Uploads

If your system is located on our remote server, then it must be copied to your computer before uploading.  Right-click on the appropriate file and then Copy.  Go to your desktop and Paste.  (Note: Windows files cannot be copied to Macs, so if you're in the Apple world, you'll need follow the command-prompt instructions posted above.)