Master File

The master file includes properties for five main file types.

1. Individuals
2. Organizations
3. Customers
4. Vendors
5. Employees
6. Prospects

(On most systems, only Individuals, Organizations and Vendors are activated.)

The main difference between each type is the layout of fields. For example, the Individuals section contains features for Primary and Secondary addresses, (which can be designated as Home, Work or Mail), while the Organization includes fields for a 70-space organization name and two main contacts.

The Vendor section should be reserved for those whom the name describes: commercial entities with a non-political relationship to your organization. (In other words, they're not involved except as vendors.) However, Individuals should always be entered in the Individuals section, even if their relationship is only as a vendor.

Here are some of the special-entry features

Seasonal addresses

If you generate mass mailings to a list heavy with retirees or the well-to-do, here's a feature that enables you to make sure that any mail is sent to the right address, depending on the date.


To activate this feature, the primary address must first be marked as a Home address. Then, when you enter Home in the secondary address section, the Seasonal Home dates will pop up in the lower-right section of the entry window. If the dates are entered as "Nov 1" to "Mar 31", any list or mail-merge generated from File Search during the months of November through March will reflect the secondary address.