Software Support

Email Support

In case you're wondering, there's no charge because everyone gets five minutes free.

Before calling or emailng, please make sure you have the latest version of the software; this is the first thing we'll check. Go to Help->About. If the program date is older than a week or so, chances are we've posted an update since then. If the error was generated by the Filpac program, it will be entered in your support log. Go to Help->Report Error Messages. It will display the last error generated. From there you can cut-and-paste the error text and email it to us.

If our voice mail answers, leave a message that clearly states the problem. That way when we call back (and talk to your voice mail, as is often the case), we'll have the solution.


With about three billion computer users on the planet, chances are someone's experienced your problem before and has written about it on the web. So if you're getting some sort of error (outside the Filpac program; otherwise you'd call us for help) the first and easiest way is to "Google it" -- highlight the text of the error, hit Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard and then and then hit Ctrl-V to paste the error message in the space where you do internet searches. Your answer will usually appear on the first page. Here are some specific links:

Computer Hope Free computer help. This link points you to the site's basic troubleshooting guide. Computer slow? Getting the Blue Screen of Death? Spontaneous rebooting? Recurring errors? Give this site a look.

Microsoft Support This is the first place to go if you're having problems with Microsoft software, which includes Windows, Internet Explorer, Word and Excel. If you get an error using Microsoft software such as Word or Excel, cut-and-paste the error into the Search box of Microsoft's site and you'll find out about your problem, which is the first step to solving it.

Test your internet speed. Several sites available. Here is one we use.