Network installation

The Filpac program (FRW.EXE and associated DLLs) and data files (*.KSH) are installed only on one computer. The remaining workstations access the program via drive mapping. There should be only one copy of FRW.EXE in your system. This eliminates confusion when setting up the various workstations. It also frees users of having to update several computers when software changes are downloaded.

On the host computer or server, the program is installed the same as on a single-user computer: The data files (*.KSH) go in the C:\FR folder

The program file is FRW.EXE, along with a number of associated files, which have the extensions *.DLL, *.PDB and *.RDD. All of the aforementioned files should go in the C:\FR\PROG folder of the host or server computer.

If you're a network expert who doesn't like reading instructions, here's the three-step short version:

The current version of FRW.EXE can be downloaded from this website. This file is updated on the average of once a week as we make changes to the Filpac program. You'll notice there are two download files on the Filpac Update page. The other contains a set of companion files (with the extensions *.DLL and *.RDD) that are updated infrequently. You'll need to download and install these files the first time you use the program, or if you haven't installed them since the posted date.

Here are the instructions for installing Filpac on a Windows-based network.