The sensible choice


Filpac is indisputably the most cost-effective solution for any campaign, PAC or non-profit organization. Check out our prices and then see if they can be matched anywhere on the planet. They cannot. For about $1000 you can install your software and be running walk lists today. We don't need to remind you of how difficult fund-raising has become. Which is why it helps to employ a system that helps you both to save money and raise it


Our software is designed to easily maintain even the largest database with minimal effort through advanced edit controls.

Because personal contact works. Every time.

If they know you, they support you, regardless of your party or views. That will never change. The Filpac system is designed to multiply personal contact between you and your donors, member, supporters and constituents.

Constant updates.

Weekly updates keep our product competitive and our users current. You can say goodbye to filing-day headaches. If you're having trouble balancing or filing your report, we'll go the extra mile to help get it right.


Well-documented, user friendly, easy to install and multiuser at no charge.


Install it on your notebook, share it on the web, or synch with others. Many ways to share the database.


When you call, there’s a human being on the other end of the line. (Or at least voice mail if we're busy, in which case you can expect a prompt return call.) It's part of the five-minutes-free courtesy that we provide to all customers.


Suggestions or comments? Call and speak to the programmer.