You'll find nobody more experienced

In fact, as you can see here, we've written software to handle the job of political database management, which has been our specialty since the first Bush administration. There's no challenge or deadline we haven't already met.

And speaking of deadlines: We respect yours.

Here are some of the ways we can help your organization, whether or not you're a software customer:

Database Management

Although our Filpac system includes lots of do-it-yourself tools for complex searching and precise mail-merging, time and staff constraints in your organization could mean it's easier to just leave it up to the experts. And thus ensure it's done accurately and on time. Why not us? We have both the knowledge and the people and, crucially for Republican campaigns, we're accustomed to instant deadlines.


If you're looking for money and help, then you need to plug in lists of prospective donors and volunteers. We don't sell lists but we can help you acquire them and merge them into your database system.

Merging Duplicates

In the past three months we've added new features our software's duplicate-management system. We have many more tools that haven't been included in the system. So if you have a big list with many duplicates and little time to fix it, call us.

Precinct Targeting

This is the one feature that will transform your voter-contact efforts from scattershot into accurate, (and for your opponent, devastatingly) effective fire. Joe Curran recently was introduced at a luncheon as "the man who invented targeting". (Not exactly but he was probably the first to implement it in legislative races statewide.) Campaigning is about generating R turnout and convincing the undecided or "swing" voters. We don't know who they are but with targeting we can determine where most of them live. If you're serious about winning a difficult race, then precinct targeting is indispensable.

Joe Curran's targeting system divides precincts into five categories: Ticket-splitters, Base Republican, Aspiring Republican, Base Democrat and Solid Democrat.

And it works.

GOP Data Center Administration

All kinds of good stuff in Data Center, which is available to all R candidates. USING it creatively is another matter. Our software includes a Data Center import utility, which means we have both the knowledge and experience to effectively deploy your organization's Data Center privilege.

Absentee and Early Voting

If you're in one of the 29 states with no-fault absentee voting, be advised: 20 percent vote early, and the Ds are fully engaged in this process. So are we. Our system includes a feature that the records of those who have requested, received and return absentee ballots. Which means you can reach them as they receive their ballots -- to create a favorable last-minute impression -- and remove them from future mailings once they've voted, which will leave you with more money to reach more voters.


If you could use some help fully implementing all the features of your database system, we offer the following to our customers: we'll spend a half-day at your office, no matter where it's located. Your only cost will be our mileage or travel expense. (We offered this two years ago with great success.) You're bound to learn time-saving tips that were never covered in your phone calls and emails, and that will more than cover the expense. Plus we've been around enough campaigns to help you avoid common mistakes.

Walking Lists

... and if all you need is a walking list, send us your file and we'll send is back in street order.

Rates: All work is done hourly or contractually, depending on the volume of work. (LOTS cheaper than hiring someone!)