Join us in the "cloud"

Filpac Online is designed for the political organization in need of web access to their application but can find better uses for the huge monthly fees charged by vendors with browser-based software. Our cost is straightforward: $450 for setup and a $400 pro-rated annual fee. That includes three log-in accounts and no monthly fees. You can purchase additional log-in accounts for $75 per year. Our online software is the same as the desktop version; the only difference that it's installed on our server.

This is the essence of "cloud" computing. The infrastructure is moved from your office to the web, where it can be accessed at lower cost from any PC or Mac. Anywhere.

Here are a few of the advantages of our hosted server:


Our annual hosting fee is $400. That's the monthly fee elsewhere.


You own your data and can easily create your own copy of the backup. You'll never need to ask us.


With our system you have not only access to your daily backup, you can choose to install the Filpac software locally (perhaps to prepare the FEC report) and run it from there. This provides an extra layer of protection against internet outages that always seem to occur at the worst possible moment.

Don't just take our word for it! Call for a demonstration.