A fund-raiser's best friend

If you're a fund-raiser with lofty goals and limited support, here's some good news:

Our system makes easy three essential tasks:

1. Wider Prospecting -- Merge prospect lists from many sources into more accurate and coherent individual profiles. (And do it yourself!)

2. Contacts that count -- Efficiently reach those prospects, and follow-up without looking boiler-plated.

3. Worry-free mailing -- Generate accurate, personalized lists for the mail house. Without duplicates. (Duplicate-mitigation is a specialty of ours.)

Don't just take our word for it! Run the demo.

Our system has been used for years by someone who's indisputably the best local fund-raiser in the business. (Let me know and I'll give you her number.) Four of the top 10 Republican fund-raisers in Congress are Filpac users. Our system has been used for electronic filing ever since the FEC started it 11 years ago. And our users have included every type of campaign from school board to President.