Here's how you win with us in the 2022 cycle

Become a customer of ours and you'll get far more than just software. And for a price that will make it the most effective expenditure of your campaign.

Yes, yes, we know. You might already have software to manage your voter file, absentees and public filings. So does everyone else, and the Filpac system works with any database. Always remember that if you're challenging an incumbent in a tough district, you can win only by accomplishing several difficult tasks better than anyone's done it before. 

Does your system do all of this?

Prospecting and Recruiting

Campaigning is recruiting for both people and dollars.  It's hard to attract people if you don't know whom to ask. With our specially-tuned prospect list (available in 33 states) you're getting the names and donor detail of people who've given only to Republicans, which makes them easy prospects for your campaign.  Plus, if you want the names of those in your state or district who are politically active, you'll find most of them on this list.  Wouldn't it be nice to arrive in a town armed with a walking list of just donor prospects?  Knock on their doors and many become sign locations and volunteers.  That's recruiting! And there is no better use of a candidate's time.

Precinct Analysis

Do you know the precincts that Donald Trump won in 2016 but went Democrat in 2018? (And then R again in 2020?) If not, then how exactly do you plan to win? We've proven over and over again that precinct targeting not only works but is essential for the candidate in a marginal district, who needs to accomplish (at a minimum) two goals: 1) Win the Republican precincts overwhelmingly, and 2) win the so-called ticket-splitters. Without a precinct analysis you can neither plan nor allocate resources effectively.  Which means you're headed for the graveyard of forgotten candidates.

The time will come when funding and people limitations require you to choose where your mailing or canvassing will be most effective. Only the Filpac system ties your voter flie to a chart where precincts are ranked both by target category (Base R, ticket spliiters, aspiring R, Base D, Solid D) and by overall strength.  So you can, for example, generate a list of everyone in ticket-splitter precincts but only Rs in the Base-D precincts.

A system for managing absentees and early voters

The problem (a gargantuan problem in some states) is twofold: 1) to reach out with lightning speed to those who've requested absentee ballots, and 2) to tag those who've already voted, so you're not wasting time contacting them.  Our system has features to accomplish both.

This job is too important to entrust to others such as the local Republican Party organization. How a campaign performs in the absentee and early-voting effort is often the determining factor.  It happens more often than you might think.


Consider this: you have yet to meet most of those who will end up helping your campaign. So it's never too late for a course correction. A plan based on precinct targeting and the dwindling universe of those who haven't yet voted will give you the confidence that you're making every shot count in the final weeks.  There's nothing like a series of weekly deadlines to keep things on schedule.  And when you're formulating a plan, it helps to do so with the involvement of those who've walked in your shoes.

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The Filpac system is designed around the 10 Basic Truths of Politics.

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