An excellent solution for GOP organizations

Put aside the fact that we're well within the price range of a frugal county or state party organization. Put aside the fact that our all-in-one campaign software enables you to provide a service to your candidates that is second to none. Put aside the fact that the empowerment of an updated prospect database will help you find the donors you've been missing all these years.

Instead consider this:

Party Committee Selection Screen

Party organizations like yours labor under a most difficult set of financial reporting rules. In most cases the funds-segregation rules require the activating and reporting for several committees with different rules and deadlines. You can easily handle all of this in the Filpac system. Not only can you maintain your entire donor database in the same system, you can keep the fund-accounting separate -- a huge time-saver for your overworked treasurer.

Time is money. The Filpac system saves both.