Effective representation is the best politics

Our product originally was designed for a state legislator who needed help managing his constituent contacts and political preparedness

Filpac enables you to maintain your own voter database, whether it's from the county or state, or from the GOP's voter vault system, which you can then enhance with things like email addresses, phone numbers and contact notes. Then you can take the second step of adding donation history, prospect lists and supporter information, which will render you a complete political database for your county or district.

With the Filpac system, you can generate a walking list that tags, on each street, everyone who's written or called with a constituent problem, who's a VIP or member of an important organization, or who's supported you politically. When you visit a town, you can generate the same list, knock only on those doors and by the time you leave everyone in town will know you were there! That is what you call working your district.

Instead of running the Filpac system from your statehouse office, you can simply set up a link to your home computer via remote desktop (or to our server on the web), thereby keeping your private information out of the public domain and away from the sticky fingers of those whose concept of intellectual property rights is finders-keepers.

A word about privacy.