Our unique Five Minutes Free support benefit

We're always here to help when you call. And we do it free of charge.

Sounds strange because most software companies are set up to make it difficult for people to call, preferring instead to point them to a FAQ page on their website. But then Filpac is a different sort of software company. We post frequent software updates rather than issue periodic releases. Our prices are low. But most importantly, we keep an open line to our customers. We actually like hearing from you!

Keep your calls brief (in other words: let us get on with the business of improving the software) and we'll return the courtesy. If your warranty agreement is in force and you have a problem or question, you should never feel constrained from calling us, since most problems can be solved, or questions answered in a fraction of the time it takes to test or troubleshoot.

Before you call, please ensure you're using the most current version of the software (File->Update Filpac System); chances are you could be calling about a feature that's been updated or fixed.

We realize that, because we're one of the few places you can call and get an intelligent response, your problem might be unrelated to the Filpac software. That's OK with us. We'll still try to get you pointed in the right direction.

Common Search Questions

(The Filpac manual (hit F1) contains some sample searches.) If you're calling about a search that doesn't deliver the results you expect, the problem could be a parameter that restricts the output. So close the File Search program and try again with fewer parameters. If you're running a mail merge for all receipts between two dates in a certain county, do the same search again, but this time do a simple print/display for all receipts in the same range of dates. Search again, but this time add the county parameter. Search again, and this time add the mail merge parameter. Still not solved? What about nixies no-mails? They're not included in the search unless you un-check the Skip Nixies box.