Fund-raising is difficult enough. Why spend more?

You can install our feature-rich software on your PC or LAN for only $977. That includes data file conversion, 30 days of unlimited toll-free telephone support and guaranteed state or FEC compliance through 2022. After that, the software remains yours; you can renew the warranty and upgrades at our $600 annual rate.

For $639 more you get all that PLUS hosting on our remote server through 2022. After that, server hosting is about $500 annually.

What's the catch?

Smarter use of technology. It allows us to provide our product at a much lower maintenance cost, yet with better performance than older, browser-based software.

We're often asked why our prices are so much lower for software and services comparable with competitors who charge thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands. The answer is because we provide the same basic software and service to every user, regardless of whether they're running a small PAC or a campaign for US Senator, and we price it in a way to make it affordable to everyone.