Designed with you in mind

Filpac is a complete campaign and PAC management system at a reasonable price. Use it to efficiently file your campaign reports and effortlessly track donors, volunteers, coalitions and targeted voters.

Filpac was originally designed in 1988 by Joe Curran, a veteran of dozens of county and legislative campaigns. Since then Filpac has become a solution for campaigns ranging from township trustee to President. For nearly 30 years, Republican campaign managers, consultants, party chairs, treasurers, and fundraisers have joined the Filpac user group and come up with ideas to make the software even more effective.

Filpac is neither a substitute for nor a competitor of the Republican Party's GOP Data Center. The Data Center, formerly known as Voter Vault, is an enhanced voter file with web-based software to generate lists. The GOP Data Center client who uses Filpac enjoys the complete "360-degree" view of not only voters, but volunteers, personal contacts, constituents, contributors and prospects.

We at Filpac are committed to affordable pricing for campaigns and party organizations of all sizes. Unparalleled customer service has been our hallmark for two decades, and we intend to maintain that commitment to you.