Tutorial: Entering Receipts

Whether you're entering monetary or political receipts, the sequence is always the same:

  1. Make sure you've established the appropriate contribution or receipt code, which identifies the reason for or source of the receipt. (Data File Maintenance->Support Codes->Contribution Codes.)

  2. Look up the name of the person or organization. If the name doesn't exist, add it. Verify that the name and address are current with the information you have before you and, if you're entering a political receipt, be sure to add the occupation and employer. If you're missing that information, the system includes a report revealing everyone due to be publicly-reported who are still missing either the occupation or employer.

  3. Click Receipts, either from the main window or edit window, and add the receipt. Most of the supporting information, such as the date, code, type and political schedule, default to what was last saved, which means that data entry is fast and accurate.

  4. Run a Daily Cash Report to verify your entries. This should match your bank deposit slip.