Why should a candidate choose Filpac?

We'll give you ten good reasons.

1. Because it is designed around the 10 Basic Truths of Politics by a veteran of dozens of county and legislative races. Filpac has become a solution for dozens of Republican campaigns ranging from township trustee to President.

2. Filpac is indisputably the most cost-effective solution for any Republican campaign. Check out our prices and then see if they can be matched anywhere on the planet. They cannot. For about $1000 you can install your software and be running walk lists today. We don't need to remind you of how difficult fund-raising has become. Which is why it helps to employ a system that helps you both to save money and raise it.

3. Whether you are trying to win a tough election, raise more money, or increase your volunteer base, Filpac is software that will power your politics.

4. Because personal contact works. In fact it is the only campaign technique that works in every campaign every time. It is the one thing that insulates a Republican officeholder in a tough year, and the one method that enables a challenger to overcome resistance in a D-leaning district. Filpac helps you multiply yourself by extending your personal contact to thousands of targeted voters.

5. Filpac strengthens the five pillars of a winning campaign: Candidate, Money, Issues, Organization and Climate.

6. The software is always being improved. We don't issue a release and then sequester ourselves while we seek inspiration for the next brilliant offering. Upgrades to our software are posted on a weekly basis. (Well, OK, sometimes they're just bug fixes.) You'll certainly be impressed with the product's improvement as time goes on.

7. You can say goodbye to filing-day headaches. If you're having trouble balancing or filing your report, we'll go the extra mile to help get it right.

8. You can pick up the phone, call for assistance, and get a human being on the other end of the line. (Or at least voice mail if we're busy, in which case you can expect a prompt return call.) It's part of the five-minutes-free courtesy that we provide to all customers.

9. Designed with you in mind.

10. Loyalty and Exclusivity. No need to worry about us doing business with the other side. We do not sell to our customers' opponents.