Donor Lists to Power Your Politics

With merely a phone call you will possess the most complete and powerful list of Republican donors available anywhere. And since we sell neither to Democrats nor to your Republican primary opponents, you'll be the only one to possess it.

If you're a Filpac user then you can have us include a prospect database of everyone who's given to statewide, legislative and local campaigns in the past four years.

This information is available in 33 states:

Alaska Iowa New York
Arkansas Kansas North Dakota
Colorado Kentucky Ohio
Connecticut Louisiana Oklahoma
Delaware Maine Pennsylvania
Florida Maryland South Carolina
Georgia Massachusetts Tennessee
Hawaii Michigan Utah
Idaho Missouri Vermont
Illinois Nebraska Virginia
Indiana New Hampshire Washington

The number of unique names could be as many as 7,000 per congressional district, depending on the area and the level of detail provided in public records. Do the math and you can figure out the number of potential donors in your state, county or legislative district.

donor detail

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