State Reports

(Notes on various state reports.)


If you're receiving from or disbursing to a political party restricted fund, then you must enter the following codes into your system:

Form, Schedule or Line # Codes (Data File Maintenance->Support Codes)

Code  Description
31CC  Restricted Fund Deposits
31M   Restricted Fund Disbursements

Account Codes (Accounting->Maintenance)

Enter each of the following state-mandated codes:

Code  Description
 1    HQ Operation costs, including transfers
 2    Voter Registration Activities
 3    Get-out-the-vote activities
 4    Fund-Raising Administration
 5    Income-tax checkoff advertising
 6    Communications unrelated to campaigns
 7    Report Preparation

For each new account code enter the following:

Account Type:
Level: Sub-Account

Every disbursement entered with Form 31M must include one of the seven above as the expense account code. The program will take the code and use it as the state-mandated purpose code on the disclosure report.