To use a printer on a non-standard port, refer to this Microsoft support article

which will have instructions on how to resolve this problem. We highly suggest that you opt for the "Fix it for me" option.

- Unblock Remote Desktop Connection in Windows Firewall.

Although this is a basic requirement for the problem-free use of any application, it is often the basics that are overlooked when dealing with computer errors. If you use the Windows Firewall application (which is enabled by default on most Windows systems), you must be certain that the firewall is not blocking Remote Desktop in anyway. In order to do this, you have to set Remote Desktop as an exception in the Windows Firewall software. Go into the Control Panel and double-click on Windows Firewall. In the General tab, make sure the "Don't allow exceptions" box is unchecked. Then on the Exceptions tab, ensure that Remote Desktop is checked as an exception, as it is in the example below. This will make certain that Windows Firewall is not blocking Remote Desktop Connection in any way, which could cause printing errors.


As always, when you make any changes to your system settings, you should reboot to ensure those settings take effect.

When all else fails

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