Levin Report Setup

If yours is a party committee that needs to report "Levin" funds on Schedule L, set up your system as follows:

Line Numbers

Go to Data File Maintenance->Support Codes-> Form, Schedule Line Number. Make sure the following codes are included in your support file:

Code  Description
L1A   Levin, Itemized
L2    Levin, Other Receipts
L4    Levin Transfers
L5    Levin Disbursements


Schedule L is configured from the cash account with the code LEVIN. Go to Accounting->Maintenance->Account Codes and add the following code:

Code   Description
LEVIN   Levin

The Type of account should be Asset.

Check: Cash Account

If it's a checking account, check that as well.

Enter the beginning balance of the account. This will be used in configuring the January 1 and current balances on the report.