Cut and Paste

Sometimes you'll want to take a piece of text, such as a notepad entry, phone or email address, and insert it into another document. You do this with a simple cut-and-paste.

1. Select the text in one of several ways:

·Drag the cursor over the text while holding down the left mouse button, or
·Double-click on a word to highlight the entire word, or
·   Place the cursor where you want the text to start, and then, holding down the shift key and pressing the right arrow, move the cursor to the right until the entire phrase is highlighted.
·    Hit Ctrl-A to highlight the entire text block.

2. Cut or Copy the text.

·Right-click your mouse and choose Copy (or just hit Ctrl-C). This will make a copy of text in memory.
·Right-click your mouse and choose Cut (or just hit Ctrl-X) This will remove the text and place it in memory.

3. Paste the text.

·Place the cursor where you wish the text to start, and
Right-Click your mouse and choose Paste (or just hit Ctrl-V)