Duplicate Processing Made Easy

If you've ever received a check-less return from a supporter who enclosed only pages from the two (or more!) mailings they received, then certainly you'll agree: Duplicates can make you look foolish.

If you're merging records from multiple sources (websites, spreadsheets and secondary databases), then you need a system to handle the inevitable duplicates. The Filpac system includes an import routine with an always-maturing match logic based on customer experience. It finds more of them. And for those that aren't found in the first run ...

1. The system includes an address standardization program that you can run to make the remaining duplicates easier to match.

2. The system includes a program to auto-merge the clear and obvious duplicates.

3. To make sure you've cleared most of them, run a report of potential duplicates.

4. And to view it from another angle, run a report of duplicate email addresses.

5. Using the these two reports, you can quickly merge the remaining duplicates quickly by entering the two file numbers, and then clicking Start to merge the donor and supporting information from the merged record.

The Filpac duplicate-handling system, developed over years, makes the problem manageable and, in most cases, easy.