Campaign Package

The concept of a "packaged campaign" is to provide a candidate with the tools he or she will need to recruit and raise funds in the most efficient manner possible. The package includes services typically provided by the “consultant class” so there will be no need to engage an unnecessarily-expensive professional for services like website development or Facebook ads. It’s all in the package!

Precinct Analysis

Campaigning is all about establishing priorities, and this is the one old-school tool that forces targeting and prioritization. Precincts are divided into five categories: Ticket-splitters, Base Republican, Aspiring Republican, Base Democrat and Solid Democrat. Do you know the precincts that Donald Trump won in 2016 but went Democrat in 2018? (And then R again in 2020?) If not, then how exactly do you plan to win? We've proven over and over again that precinct targeting not only works but is essential for the candidate in a marginal district, who needs to accomplish (at a minimum) two goals: 1) Win the Republican precincts overwhelmingly, and 2) win the so-called ticket-splitters. Without a precinct analysis you can neither plan nor allocate resources effectively. Which means you're headed for the graveyard of forgotten candidates.
The time will come when funding and people limitations require you to choose where your mailing or canvassing will be most effective. Only the Filpac system ties your voter flie to a chart where precincts are ranked both by target category (Base R, ticket spliiters, aspiring R, Base D, Solid D) and by overall strength. So you can, for example, generate a list of everyone in ticket-splitter precincts but only Rs in the Base-D precincts.

Census summary

Compiled from the available Census Bureau data. In some areas we’ll be able to overlay the census blocks with the voter file, which means candidates will be able to use facts like income levels, home-ownership rates, ethnicity and family sizes.

Available polling data

(By “Available” we mean whatever can be had legally for free.) Many candidates desire an expensive “benchmark” poll that isn’t really necessary because of all the public-domain polling data that is useful enough for the early stage of a race.

Voter database

(free in most states), perhaps cleaned with NCOA (national-change-of-address system) and whatever else we can provide at a reasonable price. The typical voter database includes date of birth, gender and voting history.  If you're just starting out, you probably don't have access to the
GOP Datacenter, which is an enhanced database provided by the GOP. 
So it's best to acquire and maintain your own database, and its neither

Donor database

Contributors to state campaigns are available in 33 states. Perhaps in other states we can plug in purchased lists. (Which means we’ll need a reliable list vendor.) And now with the “next-level” features of Data Genomix’ predictive analytics, we can identify potential donors from the database of registered voters!

Filpac Campaign Software

To manage all this. Includes support. This tool manages the voter database so the candidate can create precinct lists, walk lists and fund-raising lists based on the voter database that is overlaid along with the candidate’s own electronic files. Also included is a complete campaign finance disclosure reporting system.

Next-level social-media targeting

Access to the Data Genomix system of next-level targeting that gleans from the vast storehouse of social-media data. For example, people with kids in college or those who work in manufacturing. Lots and lots of never-before-realized possibilities here.

Web Development

Website development and social-media campaign that enables a professional web presence for the candidate with neither the time nor the know-how.

Graphics and photography

The keyword here is “professional”. Signs and banners with consistent color and clarity. Photography and video production.

Campaign plan

based the information provided above. Start with a plan or don’t start. The best plan is a week-by week series of deadlines. It includes a realistic budget and cash-flow projection. Consider this: you have yet to meet most of those who will end up helping your campaign. So it's never too late for a course correction. A plan based on precinct targeting and the dwindling universe of those who haven't yet voted will give you the confidence that you're making every shot count in the final weeks.  There's nothing like a series of weekly deadlines to keep things on schedule.  And when you're formulating a plan, it helps to do so with the involvement of those who've walked in your shoes.