Why Republicans need precinct research

Democrat voters are concentrated, geographically and demographically, while Republican voters are dispersed.

The Democrat constituency has for 40 years consisted of lower-income voters, minorities, single women, union households, young adults and anyone receiving a government check.

That's a majority just about anywhere.

Democrats can generate lists of their target voters. (Republicans can try, but without the same precision.)

Democrats can focus on a fraction of the electorate and reap big rewards. (Republicans cannot.)

Democrats can win simply by working their natural majority with the message that hasn't changed since the Carter years: "Vote for us and you'll keep what government gives you." (Republicans are left to reach the better side of a wider audience with an appeal that's not nearly as direct.)

Success demands a clear message that resonates above the negative-media noise, and enough money for blanket coverage ... which for the Republican challenger is just about impossible. Which explains why most lose.

The solution is find your own majority through a system of precinct targeting.

You don't know exactly who your voters are, but with our system you'll learn where most of them live.

"I already have that", we're often told. "Got it from the Republican party." (You have a listing of the Republican "index", which is used by the GOP primarily for get-out-the-vote (GOTV). It's better than nothing but if you're in a D-leaning district, you need to win precincts that usually vote Democrat.)