Non-Warranty Services

We provide the software and guarantee it will work free of internal errors, and that your state and federal filings will be accepted. We provide frequent software enhancements and stand ready assist you with with installation of those enhancements. And we offer free phone support for calls lasting less than five minutes. We reserve the option to charge for everything else at our non-warranty hourly rate of $60 ($75 for those not covered by the annual warranty).

This would include ...

Calls lasting more than five minutes.

Examples would be: system crash recovery, transfering your Filpac system to a new computer, assistance with unsupported additional locations, network troubleshooting and staff training beyond the 30-day unlimited-support period.

Custom software or database enhancements.

This covers much. Generally speaking, if we're doing something specifically for you and it does not concern a software malfunction or mandated changes to state or federal disclosure reporting, then it's billable.

Database corruption or recovery.

Sometimes our help is required in the event of a system crash or a problem resulting from a database import that is not related to a malfunction of the Filpac software. (Otherwise, if it is a result of a Filpac software malfunction, it would be covered by our warranty.)

Additional data file conversion.

Most commonly this would be additional Excel spreadsheets, or changes to those spreadsheets, sent to us after the initial installation has been completed.

Website work.

Or any other programming outside of the Filpac system.

Software upgrades to accommodate changes in GOP Data Center or state voter files.

If your state changes its requirements for disclosure filing, it is covered under our warranty. If your state (or Data Center) changes the structure of its voter file, it is specifically not covered.

Support for an additional location.

While users are free to install a copy of their Filpac program and dataset in as many locations as they'd like, we support only one location. If you'd like warranty support and "five minutes free" for additional locations, then the additional fee is one-half the normal annual fee.