Installation process

One of the benefits of installing a Filpac system is that you'll soon learn you made the right choice. You compared price, features and support, and concluded that Filpac is the best value.

That will hold true in the coming weeks. Because you'll see how we devote maximum effort up-front to ensuring that everything works.

Data conversion

It's always best to finish this before the system is installed and the training commences because it's much easier to learn a new system if it contains familiar data. Your existing database is converted to the Filpac system usually free of charge as long as we receive the data up front. if you're worried about this process (most are) -- don't be. No one has our collective data-conversion experience. You'll be quite satisfied with our thoroughness and with our speed -- most data-conversion projects are completed overnight.

Initial training

Usually this is a 30-minute online session where we take you through the fundamentals of the system -- Entering data, basic reports and system maintenance. Sometimes this is the only training required. (It's that easy!)


We provide an initial 30 days of unlimited toll-free telephone support primarily to tie off any loose ends resulting from the installation. Perhaps there's a need for more training. Or maybe you need specific written instructions about a particular procedure. Or maybe there's a report or import process that needs to be tweaked. All of this becomes a priority of ours during your first month with us.

Ongoing support

After that our normal support procedures should be more than sufficient to keep you running smoothly. While there's no promise of unlimited free support, our five minutes free policy suffices in 99 percent of cases. Actually, we don't get too many support calls here because of our process of getting things right up-front. The system just works.

Regarding payment: We don't need the payment in hand but we at least need to know it's in process before we begin any time-intensive work, such as data conversion. Call us for the exact amount (we'll send an invoice if you require one) or consult our prices page.

Thank you for installing Filpac. We look forward to a long and productive relationship.