Software to Power Your Politics

Filpac is all-in-one campaign management software for

With our powerful system you'll raise more money, recruit more help and reach more of the right people. That's because Filpac enables you to multiply yourself by extending personal contact to thousands of members, supporters, donors, colleagues and constituents

If you think you can somehow tweet and robocall your way to victory, then any software will do. If you want to reach people in a manner they'll appreciate, then Filpac is the system for you.

For any organization

Our customers include all types of candidates (from school board to President), PACs, non-profits and party organizations.

Whether you're trying to build membership, raise more money or win a tough election, Filpac is the software to power your politics.

Filpac lives on the web, a local network or a PC. Or all three.

Rock-solid support

Easy to use. Our customers' input enables us to fashion a software product for everyone who's involved in the business of politics, fund-raising or membership management.

We post our never-ending software updates at the rate of about one per week.

As a Filpac customer, you're never in a corner. When you dial our number you either get a person who can help or a quick callback from someone who can. And thanks to our unique five minutes free support courtesy, 99 percent of problems and questions are quickly resolved. In fact, the ability to get someone on the phone who can answer questions or solve problems was the factor most often cited in our recent customer satisfaction survey. (That's in addition to our product's ease of use.)

How's this for customer satisfaction: About 80 percent of our customers renew early. In some years our renewal rate for all customers has been 100 percent!

Software that competes with the rest. Personal support. The best price. You've come to the right place !

But don't just take our word for it! Download a demo or call us to schedule a web demo.