Why Filpac costs less

It's priced for all political organizations. And not just statewide or Congressional candidates. We've had users running for ward committee, and one running for President.

The software works. We're in the business of commercial software development, which means that other organizations use elements of our software for mission-critical tasks like payroll and invoicing. It must be extremely reliable.

The product is easy to support. Not only is the software both stable and easy to use, we train new users well, provide extensive documentation and five minutes free phone access.

We're not a monopoly and therefore must price ourselves competitively. We understand that you have a choice of software, and price is certainly part of the decision.

Our candidate version is sold only to Republicans. Think about it. Since our users are all Republicans, they tend to be independent thinkers who are, as a group, more intelligent. (Otherwise they'd be Democrats.) And so they're much easier to support. (Which means if you've invested in software that's also sold to Democrats, you're actually subsidizing their additional costs of supporting Democrat users!)

Experience. (This is a biggie.) We've developed political software in one form or another for two decades; you're unlikely to present a problem we haven't handled before, so we don't need to set our price defensively.

We don't have a direct sales force. That guy who calls you every month doesn't work for free.

Lower overhead. As you can see from this website, we don't spend too much on "web development". And if you were to visit our office (actually it's more of a cave), then you'll see that we don't spend much on rent either.

We offer five minutes free. And when you offer anyone five minutes of your time, you solve 99 percent of whatever support problems arise. So our customers don't need unlimited support, which means we don't need to charge for it.