The absentee flood is near and real.

When the polls open on Election Day, 40 percent will have voted already !

If you're in one of the 29 states with absentee and early voting, don't miss the boat! You need the Filpac system to reach the thousands each day who are mailed absentee ballots, and then remove from further contact those who have turned in their ballots or voted early, so you can focus in the final weeks only on those who haven't already voted.

That's the new reality in this age of no-fault-absentee and early voting. (In the Sept. 2010 Cleveland primary, 70 percent voted absentee.)

With the Filpac system you can ...

1. Reach quickly those who’ve requested or have been mailed an absentee ballot by auto-importing the lists provided by the local election board.

2. Remove from the active voter file those who’ve turned in their ballots or have voted early, using the same auto-import process.

As you auto-import the absentee list from your local election board, you can increase your focus on the shrinking universe of voters who have yet to cast their ballots.

Do the math: if the turnout is expected to be 300,000, then your volunteers will be processing 120,000 absentee requests. Sure, you can probably keep up with the increasing daily pace of ballot requests and manage to reach most of them, but how are you going to remove from your walking, mail-merge and phone lists those who have voted?

And do you really have the resources to waste in the final week on those who have taken themselves out of the game?

We think you should do it our way. For about $1000 we can install today your own copy of the Filpac system, pre-loaded with the voter file (or GOP Data Center file) for your county or district. (You can choose from the county, Secretary of State, or GOP Data Center file). We’ll overlay any electronic information you’re currently using, such as Excel spreadsheets AND we’ll guarantee that you’ll be able to import the daily absentee postings from your local board of elections.

Can you afford not to do it? For less than a thousand, you’ll have save thousands in wasted postage expense and volunteer time that you’d otherwise be wasting on those who’ve already voted. And you’ll give yourself the best chance of contacting everyone before they fill out their ballots. In smaller counties where absentee data isn’t available electronically, our unique lookup-click-save method will enable your volunteers to very quickly record the absentee requests and returns.

Elections are won with the smart application of limited resources. (Political Truth #7) With the smart application of your Filpac system, you'll be generating increased focus on those still in play, rather than wasting your resources smilin' and dialin' to thousands who've taken themselves out of the game.

Want to Win ? Let us join your team.