An excellent manager for your Political Action Committee

P stands for PAC but it also stands for Part-time, i.e. one of many responsibilities that clutter your workday. Which is why we at Filpac are in the business of making PAC administration occupy less of your time.

One example is our system's user-defined import process, described below, that enables you to quickly and accurately import transactions from files provided by a member organization or your payroll department.


If your PAC reports activity in several states, your Filpac system can do the same:

PAC Committee Select

As long as your system is under warranty with us, the state and federal reports will be kept current and guaranteed against malfunctions. You can keep the accounting for each committee separate, but you can work from the same list of names and addresses, and then view each donor with the history for each separate PAC.

By combining the donation information in one place where it can be made accessible to all, your PAC marketers will love the marketing possibilities. For example, if they're raising money for the federal PAC, they can all kinds of reports, such as who's given to the state PAC but not to the federal.

Those pesky payroll deductions. If you're managing a corporate PAC, Filpac offers a utility to auto-import the donations which are processed through the payroll department, or in the case of a membership organization, receipts that arrive in some other electronic format. This minimizes data entry and the potential for errors (that complicate and delay a state or federal filing while you're scratching your head, looking for where your deposit doesn't match).