GOP Data Center (formerly Voter Vault)

If you are a Republican candidate or party leader with GOP Data Center access, you should be taking full advantage of it.

Here's why using the GOP Data Center (formerly Voter Vault) with the Filpac system is so effective:

Voter vault, which is a wonderful enhancement of a voter file, tends to be rather "stale", which means it's probably missing data from the most recent election, as well as those who've recently registered or changed their addresses.

Which is why we recommend to candidates and party organizations that they download and enhance their own voter file, and then import any of the very-useful Voter Vault / Data Center "affiliation" information. In other words: use the GOP Data Center to enhance your own, more current, voter file.

Voter Vault is the recent name for the 20-year project of the Republican National Committee to produce an enhanced voter file. An enhanced voter file is one that is cross-matched with public and consumer information such as phone numbers, driver licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, veteran records, property records, census results, phone numbers and, in at least one state we've seen, the results of past telephone surveys, in addition to a run through the Postal Service's National Change of Address (NCOA) system.

The GOP candidate or local chairman is issued a user name and password that allows them to log into the voter vault website and access the registered voters in their county or district. Once there they can look up individual voters, generate reports and download lists.

Note: Our software imports from the Data Center, but we're not connected with the Republican party. If you've reached this page after a Google search, hoping to find Data Center help, try (206) 284-3456.