The five pillars of a winning campaign:

Candidate, Money, Issues, Organization and Climate

To win, one must dominate in three of these five.

The Filpac system enables the smart candidate to build the campaign organization that raises enough money to reach enough likely voters using issues that will make a difference. And thus overcome an unfavorable political climate (as in a D-leaning district).

  1. Filpac makes one a better Candidate by enabling focus on the potential donors and supporters who can make a difference.
  2. The prospect donor database, available in many states, provides a source of new Money that will pay for the Filpac system in the first few telephone calls.
  3. Filpac's list-building and micro-targeting features make it easy to communicate with individual voters about Issues important to them.
  4. Organization is the key to any successful political campaign or fund-raising effort. If yours is muddling along with a collection of spreadsheets, documents and index cards, you've probably noticed how the inefficiency could result in chaos. Filpac enables your political organization to merge your registered voters, contacts, prospects, contributors, and volunteers all into one central database, accessible to everyone in the campaign.
  5. Climate is all about the number of likely -- as opposed to unlikely -- supporters in a county or district. You don't know who these people are, but with Filpac's unique voter and precinct targeting features, you can at least determine where they live.