The best choice in a crowded Presidential primary

Our compact and flexible software is well-designed for Presidential primary campaigns; we've proven it during the two previous Presidential primary cycles. Our expertise isn't limited only to FEC compliance and internal reporting.


Don't fall for the ruse that you must invest thousands in a system built to handle the potential size of a Presidential-campaign database. Our software routinely handles transaction databases of more than a million records. And in one system we counted 50 simultaneous users.

Financial institution interfacing

As fund-raising builds, you might discover savings by switching credit-card processors . . . as long as your finance software allows it. With Filpac, you won't be held back. You can switch with no concern about whether our software will work with the new processor; our long experience with third-party systems assures that it will. (One of our users imports credit-card transactions from three different systems.)

Special features for web entries

We have years of experience in "de-duping" and otherwise cleaning up entries generated by outside users. Our library of tools can prove crucial in a Presidential campaign where tens of thousands of receipts are recorded by donors themselves via the web.

"Freedom fighter" might satisfy a website's page-completion requirement but the FEC won't be amused when it appears as someone's occupation on your public filing. Among the many unique features of our system is one that flags uncommon occupation and employer entries. This comes in handy when you're dealing with tens of thousands of web-generated contribution entries.

The aftermath

Let's face it: in a crowded primary one must reasonably prepare for the undesired outcome. When the campaign ends, so does the fund-raising but the bills keep flying in. Last thing you'll need is a $600 (or more) monthly obligation for database access and FEC compliance. (Most Presidential campaign committees are still filing reports years later.) Since the Filpac system can live in Windows, it can be moved to your PC or local network (if it's not already there); your only cost will be an optional annual warranty fee.